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Luxury Events of 2015

Costa Rica is a country with proud traditions and culture. If you want to experience the culture for yourself, book your flight with us on a private jet, and witness the colorful festivities and events that take to the streets throughout the year.

April 2015

Juan Santamaria Day

In the 1800s, a Costa Rican soldier known as Juan Santamaria was killed in battle. Viewed as a national hero, a parade is hosted in his honor, along with concerts, and sometimes a beauty pageant.

Feria del Ganado

In April, one of the largest cattle exhibits takes place in the country. A Cattle Fair is held, and features horse parades and carnival rides.

May 2015

Carrera de San Juan

Every May, the biggest marathon (22.5 Km) of the year takes place, from the outskirts of Cartago to San Jose.

Fiesta Civica

In May, there is an event filled with street fairs, folk music, and traditional food dishes. It’s held to commemorate cowboy traditions such as bull fights, as well as horse displays.

Labor Day

On Labor Day, there are parades, marches, and the Presidential “State of the Union Address” to the Costa Rican Congress. Families celebrate and get together in Puerto Limon for picnics, cricket matches, dances, and activities.

San Isidro Labrador's Day

In San Isidro, and all over Costa Rica, street fairs and parades are held throughout the day to honor the Patron Saint of farmers and farm animals. There is music, dancing, and traditional food served in blessings of future crops and livestock.

June 2015

Fiesta San Juan de Tibas

Several times a year, Costa Rica has a street festival with music, dancing, and food. During this time, they also celebrate bull fighting, without the bloodshed.

Creole Hen Festival

Over a two-day period in Coopesilencio, a very popular festival is held for the locals and visitors. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to learn about the local culture through the food, music, and dance of the people. Over the course of the two days, many cultural and educational activities take place.

National Honey Festival

A three-day festival held in Vasconia de Aguas Zarcas, San Carlos, organized by the Bee Farm Association. Many locals and visitors come to the festival to sample and purchase honey, as well as learn about bee farming and collecting honey. Over the three days, there are multiple events going on such as dancing and sporting competitions.

July 2015

Fiesta of the Virgin of the Sea

During this festival, there is a week-long religious ceremony involving dancers, parades, and fireworks in honor of Carmen, the Virgin of the Sea. In addition, a regatta of colorfully decorated fishing boats line the beaches for the entirety of the event.

Marimba Festival

Held over three days, a marimba music festival takes place. Locals and tourists take part in dancing, games, and other events.

Chorotega Tourist Fair

A large attraction for tourists, a fair is held in Nicoya, Costa Rica. During this event, there is a demonstration of crafts, indigenous cuisine, and other activities involving the culture.

August 2015

Liberia Blanca Culture Week

At the beginning of August, a parade featuring horses and cowboys take place. A festival is held, serving traditional food, and playing music of the culture.

The Virgin of the Angels

In commemoration of the Costa Rica patron saint, La Negrita, people from all over the country make a pilgrimage to San Jose on foot. This is done to join the procession in Cartago to the Basilica.

Semana Afro-Costarricense

Afro-Costa Rican culture is celebrated in Puerto Limon for one week in late August, early September. Displays of their art and culture is put on display, and commemorated during this event.

National Parks Day

All around the country, the National parks hold special events and festivals.

National Adventure Tourism Festival

At the end of August, various sporting competitions and exhibitions are held for spectators. There is white water rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, and other sports, all competitions held in Turrialba City.

September 2015

Costa Rican Independence Day and Correo de la Candela de Independencia

The national day of Independence is September 15th, and on this day, there are parades of marching bands and a great festival. All across the country, Costa Ricans will interrupt their activities to sing the national anthem. The night before, a freedom torch is carried by relay runners from Nicaragua to Cartago. It is tradition for children to carry painted lanterns throughout the day.

Orosi Colonial Tourist Fair

An event held in Orosi, locals and tourists get together to experience cultural activities. Exhibits on the heritage of Costa Rica are also displayed and commemorated.

October 2015

Founding Day

In early October, the founding of the town in San Isidro is celebrated. The usual events such as live music, dancing, and food take place. There are also sporting events and traditional bull fighting, but without the usual bloodshed.

Carnivales de Limon

The Costa Ricans have their own Mardi Gras-esque festival come mid-October. A parade of floats marches through the streets, food of the Limon culture is made available, and live music such as reggae and calypso is played. This carnival lasts for the entire week.

Dia del Sabanero

“Dia del Sabanero” is the official day of the cowboy, celebrated around the country. Like the Liberia Blanca Culture Week, a festival is held, traditional food is served, and music of the culture is played.

November 2015

Dia de los Muertos/All Souls Day

This event goes by many names, “Dia de los Muertos,” “All Souls Day,” “All Saints Day,” and “Dia de Todos Santos.” Similar to the holiday in Mexico, the dead and those that have passed are commemorated, but it is not as elaborate or detailed. Nationwide, pilgrimages are made to cemeteries with flowers to decorate grave sites and hold vigils for loved ones that have passed on.

La Ruta de los Conquistadores

In mid-November, a long mountain bike race takes place from coast-to-coast across the country of Costa Rica. The bike route follows the same route taken by Spanish Conquistadors back in the old days, and is known as the most challenging bike race in the world. The entire race lasts for a week.

Costa Rica International Film Festival (CRIFF)

In Costa Rica, there is an event for independent film screenings. Many films are shown, live music is played, and art is put on display. Following these events, film discussions and parties take place.

December 2015

Festival de la Luz

During the first week of December, a local party is thrown with fireworks and live music. A Christmas parade and thousands of cars decorated with lights also drive down the streets. This is a week-long celebration of concerts with national coverage on television.

Carnaval Nacional

December is the month of parades and music celebrations in the streets. Near the end of December, the people of San Jose don costumes and take to the streets. A parade of decorated floats is held to the tunes of festival music.

El Tope and Carnival/Horse Parade

On Boxing Day, December 26th, two fairs are celebrated in San Jose. In honor of tradition, horse riders wear traditional outfits and decorate their horses as they exhibit them and their skills in a parade of more than 3,000 horses. The first day, the parade takes place downtown. On the second day, the same streets are covered by carnival floats, dancers, and marching bands.

Fiesta de Zapote

During the last week of December, the marketplace of Zapote is transformed into a fairground. An entire carnival takes place this week, with the traditional carnival rides, snack stalls, fireworks, and bull fights without bloodshed.

Week of Christmas and New Year's

Being an official holiday, most businesses and government offices are closed during Christmas week. People in San Jose go out to the beaches or into town and celebrate with festivities and dances.